Muck & Brass -- Revision #65 released

I have posted revision #65 of Muck & Brass1 to the distribution point and access instructions are about to be sent out2. Future releases will bear their own release numbers. Please append commentary, questions, reactions, thoughts etc as comments to each version’s announcement3 post so we may easily track exactly what is being talked about4.

  1. Yep, this is the 65th revision of the game since I started formal development. 

  2. I apologise for any roughness in the rules due to the various inserted notes for playtesting versus a presumed real copy. 

  3. Upload images and other media to the FTP server and then mention the upload in your comment. 

  4. If you’d you like to follow Muck & Brass development specifically, please use the Entries and Comments RSS feeds linked from the bar to the right.